Saturday, 28 December 2013


Wow, the festive season really did take over and left me with little or no time to write.  Hopefully, the New Year will guide me to being a better blogger.  I guess we will have to wait and see.  

Just wanted to say that I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas (better late than never).  It is such a lovely time of year, seeing family and friends and eating and drinking too much.  Last night involved a few too many G&T's.  Oops.  Will I ever learn?

I know that the year ahead will hold some big decisions for me.  I'm feeling positive so let's make it a good'un.  Here's to 2014!  


Photo by me

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Sunday Sharing 2

Sunday is a day for families, for laziness, good food and blog reading.  (Ok, the last one may be something I just do).  

Today I am sharing a blog that I really admire.  Bright Bazaar is a wonderfully colourful blog which shows that going for it with colour really can pay off.  Will Taylor writes in a witty and approachable way about all things Interiors, to the point where I actually wish he was my real life friend (cringe?!)  When it comes to my own interiors you will never find me busting out the bright, in-your-face colours (it just isn't me) but that does not mean that I don't enjoy this blog.  

Bright Bazaar has long been directing my attention to the latest online homeware boutiques and I love it for that (my bank account - not so much).  Basically, you can count on Will to cheer you up.  

I am super excited that his first book will be published next year.  It has already made it on to my wishlist.  And just look at the front cover - love. it.  

Wow, this post was not meant to be a gush-fest.  Sorry about that.  

Check Bright Bazaar out!

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Sunday Sharing

I love all things bloggy (new word for a Sunday afternoon?), especially when it comes to interiors.  I thought I'd quickly share one of my fave interiors blogs.  Now, my taste does not always run in line with that of this lady's but her blog is just super cool and I love reading every single post.  

Elements of Style is one of the first blogs I check up on when I settle down with my feedly ap.  Erin Gates tells it how it is and is not shy about her style.  She's an interior designer based in Boston, USA and quite often I find myself wanting a piece of her life.  She doesn't just share interiors inspiration but is a dab hand at highlighting fashion trends.  Her writing style is on point and I often have a giggle along to her posts.  

This office space is everything

Basically I <3 her. Go check her out!  

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Interior Update

You don't need to go high end to get a piece of the trends.  See below for some quick and reasonably priced updates.  I will be adding both of these to my abode.  The bare bulbs light fitting from Next is perfect for the top of my stairs and this throw from BHS will add a touch of coziness to my front room.  Especially considering the change in the weather we've recently had here in the UK.  I am not a fan of this blustery, rainy drop in temperature.  Brr.  


Sunday, 27 October 2013

Vintage Manchester Awards 2013

I had the pleasure of attending the Vintage Manchester Awards 2013 on Wednesday evening at 235.  It was such a ball.  I got to wear a super sparkly dress midweek for starters, who can argue with that?!  The glitzy Viva Las Vegas themed event had a little bit of everything - yummy free cocktail on arrival, gorgeous ladies floating around with delectable chocolates, top vintage acts including the hostess with the mostess Kiki deVille and lots of fun networking opportunities.  

Here's a breakdown of the worthy winners:
Best Vintage Fair - Vintage Village Stockport
Best Vintage Photography - HMS Vintage
Best Vintage Entertainment - Dr Sid
Best Vintage Beauty and Grooming - Bethany Jane Davies - The Vintage Beauty Parlor
Best Vintage Venue - Sugar Junction 
Best Vintage Event Supplier - Vintage Afternoon Teas
Best Vintage Furniture/Home Shop - Rose & Lee Vintage Living
Best Vintage Attire - Miss Bamboo
Best Vintage Lifestyle Blog - nortonofmorton
Best Vintage Newcomer - HMS Vintage

The room was packed and everyone seemed to have a jolly good evening.  Well done Vintage Manchester and The Social Butterfly!  

Photos by me - please excuse the poor quality camera phone pics

Friday, 25 October 2013

Extra Curricular Activity

I'm just stopping by to let you know of some exciting happenings...

I've recently teamed up with Rachael of The Social Butterfly and I am now officially working as her assistant.  Check out the little write up here

I'm super excited for what the future may hold and hope to share snippets here, as well as over on The Social Butterfly blog.  

Keep up-to-date by following me on twitter or instagram.  

Happy Friday!  :-)


Thursday, 3 October 2013

The Independent Interiors Show - 2022NQ Manchester

I recently volunteered my services to help out with a new event being showcased in the wonderful Northern Quarter in Manchester.  The Independent Interiors Show was put together by the rather lovely Rachel and Victoria.  I initially found out about the event through the wonderful world of twitter and added it to my calendar to make sure I was free to attend.  Then I thought, why not get involved.  So I did!

The day started early at the super on trend venue 2022NQ just off Dale Street in the Northern Quarter.  It was a smooth set up which involved lots of running back and forth up the basement stairs - resulting in a few aches the next day.  This effort was all worthwhile as each stand looked unique and beautiful.  It was a top notch selection of interiors and homewares.  Heaven!
Throughout the day there was a constant stream of happy shoppers coming through the doors.  They also got the chance to observe and/or take part in several demonstrations.  Sian of did some upcycling using Annie Sloane Chalk Paint.  Must give this a go!  And May Wild Ceramics did some pottery turning.  (Not sure if I'd have the steady hand for this, but they certainly made it look easy).

Annabel Perrin
Elizabeth Winstanley
Flitty Bird
Urban Colours
I got to chat with several of the vendors and I must say they were a lovely bunch.   So a big thanks to all for making helping out such a pleasure.  

Hannah Nunn
Helaina Sharpley
May Wild - the pigeons are a personal fave
Manchester Mosaics
Keep your eyes peeled as the next Independent Interiors Show is set to take place in March 2014!


All photos by me 

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

crisis averted?

Ok.  So it turns out I am terrible at keeping up with regular posts.  Oops.  

Anyway, just a quick update as I think I've found my utensils...

Nigella Lawson's Vitreous Enamel Utensils.  Queue beams of sunshine gleaming down from the heavens.  

Must. Buy. Now.  And at £27 on tesco direct, why the heck not?!  

I must say that I came across these beauties thanks to a lady I follow on instagram.  Thank you Victoria's Cottage


Tuesday, 3 September 2013

kitchen crisis

I am on a mission. 
For quite some time now I have needed to update my kitchen utensils.  My current selection is shameful.  Old bits and pieces I've brought with me from my uni days and I think it is sort of ruining my kitchen aesthetic.  (I am sure some people will laugh at this statement, as utensils are hardly an eye catcher).  Anyway, regardless I need to get this taken care of.  Cue relentless trawling of the internet...
Jamie Oliver - a bit too swish for my taste
ikea - simple and I am sure it does the job
Le Creuset - wow look at those curves.  Ha!  But £25 a pop is a bit much for my budget
Raymond Blanc - I think we're getting closer with something a bit more like this but would have to see it in person
notonthehighstreet - just for a laugh.  

Any recommendations would be gratefully received.  I do quite like a mis-matched selection, so I am scared that investing in a full on set will be too 'samey' for me.  Hmm...

Not sure if this selection has averted my 'crisis' but I will update once I make a commitment ;-)


Thursday, 15 August 2013

Sole mate

Well, I am unsure whether this will be as much as a revelation to you as it is to me but I have recently discovered the wonder of insoles. (Ha. This sounds even more ridiculous now that I've typed it on screen!)

So, I have dodgy feet - one bigger than the other and they are quite narrow (thanks to my mother and her super slim feet.) This means I can struggle to get shoes to fit.

I wanted some new flat 'work shoes'.  In an ideal world all these would belong to me:

Charlotte Olympia - Kitty embroidered animal-print calf hair slippers
Ferragamo - Varina patent leather pumps
Tory Burch - stitched logo chelsea ballet flat
Bertie - Livia double buckle monk shoes

Anyway, back down on earth...

First port of call, where I've managed to buy shoes in the past, was to Office. I spotted these loafers but as per usual the UK size 5 was too small and size 6 was too big - frustrating!  I explained this to the patient member of staff who's response was 'have you ever tried insoles?'.  'Erm, no...' I swiftly had a pair of latex insoles in the size 6 shoe and a smile on my face.  Result.  

Watch out shoe stores!  (sorry, bank account)


PS. some examples of shoes that my 'dodgy' feet have actually been able to wear ;-)

All photos are by me 

Monday, 12 August 2013

British Summertime

I am a little late publishing this post.  Anyway...

The British Isles had recently been blessed with a wonderful few weeks of sunshine.  (Yes, it is summer and this is what we should expect but the UK weather god tends to forget that part.)  Cue my husband and I deciding we would sort out our rectangle of mud  garden.  Pre-makeover, I was ashamed of it and banned family and friends from even looking at it, never mind actually going in it! 

(Ok, so the above is not my garden - but you get the picture)
The main reason for my embarrassment was that I had been trying to avoid investing any money in the garden because, in reality, we hardly ever got to use it.  However, a few days of sunshine soon got me thinking differently!  

Before - nasty broken paving slabs (and Bella saying 'hi')
First port of call was pinterest to get some ideas.  You can see my garden inspiration board on my account here.  Feel free to follow and I will happily follow back :-)

Luckily the OH has a work colleague who knows his stuff about decking and so the new patio area was soon built and looking lovely.  We also replaced the broken and battered fence panels with new.  

Decking in progress
Now, I am sure there are some women out there who can relate to this next husband wanted a 'man shed'.  This was none-negotiable and so like a spaceship landing from another planet the new shed was erected in next to no time.  I wasn't quite expecting it to glow the orange hue that it currently does but apparently this will calm down over time (here's hoping!).  

Finished product - shed and all
Lovely lavender
Finally got to hang our honeymoon fish!

Our thriving bedding plants 
Rose plant - sorry I don't know it's name

So a few bedding plants later and there you have it. Our finished garden!  (for now)


All photos are by me 

First post

Finally, I've sat down and sorted this first post out!  

I wanted to start this blog to make a record of the good things in my life.  So here I am...

I've been reading a selection of blogs for a while now, and so thought it's about time I put all the inspiration I've gleaned into something to call my own.  I want to share snippets of the things, people and places that bring joy to my life.  

I'm on a quest to find that thing in life that makes me tick.  The thing that makes me want to bounce out of bed in the morning.  The thing that I want to dedicate myself to (obviously not counting my husband, puppy and cat ;-).   Unfortunately, I am yet to realise this dream, where my job just so happens to be something that I love (so it can be a little difficult emerging from my duvet from time to time - especially on Mondays!)  I feel that in my current predicament I need to remind myself as often as possible of the good things I have going on.  The daily grind can get everyone down so I am going to attempt to fight it with posts full of pretty.  

Here we go...

First up, my fave flower.  I guess it's kind of an obvious one but I don't care.  Peonies are beautiful in all their forms, shapes and colours.  This particular perfect-looking specimen was purchased at Aldi, of all places.  


Have a good day! 

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