Thursday, 15 August 2013

Sole mate

Well, I am unsure whether this will be as much as a revelation to you as it is to me but I have recently discovered the wonder of insoles. (Ha. This sounds even more ridiculous now that I've typed it on screen!)

So, I have dodgy feet - one bigger than the other and they are quite narrow (thanks to my mother and her super slim feet.) This means I can struggle to get shoes to fit.

I wanted some new flat 'work shoes'.  In an ideal world all these would belong to me:

Charlotte Olympia - Kitty embroidered animal-print calf hair slippers
Ferragamo - Varina patent leather pumps
Tory Burch - stitched logo chelsea ballet flat
Bertie - Livia double buckle monk shoes

Anyway, back down on earth...

First port of call, where I've managed to buy shoes in the past, was to Office. I spotted these loafers but as per usual the UK size 5 was too small and size 6 was too big - frustrating!  I explained this to the patient member of staff who's response was 'have you ever tried insoles?'.  'Erm, no...' I swiftly had a pair of latex insoles in the size 6 shoe and a smile on my face.  Result.  

Watch out shoe stores!  (sorry, bank account)


PS. some examples of shoes that my 'dodgy' feet have actually been able to wear ;-)

All photos are by me 

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