Monday, 12 August 2013

First post

Finally, I've sat down and sorted this first post out!  

I wanted to start this blog to make a record of the good things in my life.  So here I am...

I've been reading a selection of blogs for a while now, and so thought it's about time I put all the inspiration I've gleaned into something to call my own.  I want to share snippets of the things, people and places that bring joy to my life.  

I'm on a quest to find that thing in life that makes me tick.  The thing that makes me want to bounce out of bed in the morning.  The thing that I want to dedicate myself to (obviously not counting my husband, puppy and cat ;-).   Unfortunately, I am yet to realise this dream, where my job just so happens to be something that I love (so it can be a little difficult emerging from my duvet from time to time - especially on Mondays!)  I feel that in my current predicament I need to remind myself as often as possible of the good things I have going on.  The daily grind can get everyone down so I am going to attempt to fight it with posts full of pretty.  

Here we go...

First up, my fave flower.  I guess it's kind of an obvious one but I don't care.  Peonies are beautiful in all their forms, shapes and colours.  This particular perfect-looking specimen was purchased at Aldi, of all places.  


Have a good day! 


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