Tuesday, 3 September 2013

kitchen crisis

I am on a mission. 
For quite some time now I have needed to update my kitchen utensils.  My current selection is shameful.  Old bits and pieces I've brought with me from my uni days and I think it is sort of ruining my kitchen aesthetic.  (I am sure some people will laugh at this statement, as utensils are hardly an eye catcher).  Anyway, regardless I need to get this taken care of.  Cue relentless trawling of the internet...
Jamie Oliver - a bit too swish for my taste
ikea - simple and I am sure it does the job
Le Creuset - wow look at those curves.  Ha!  But £25 a pop is a bit much for my budget
Raymond Blanc - I think we're getting closer with something a bit more like this but would have to see it in person
notonthehighstreet - just for a laugh.  

Any recommendations would be gratefully received.  I do quite like a mis-matched selection, so I am scared that investing in a full on set will be too 'samey' for me.  Hmm...

Not sure if this selection has averted my 'crisis' but I will update once I make a commitment ;-)

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