Sunday, 17 November 2013

Sunday Sharing 2

Sunday is a day for families, for laziness, good food and blog reading.  (Ok, the last one may be something I just do).  

Today I am sharing a blog that I really admire.  Bright Bazaar is a wonderfully colourful blog which shows that going for it with colour really can pay off.  Will Taylor writes in a witty and approachable way about all things Interiors, to the point where I actually wish he was my real life friend (cringe?!)  When it comes to my own interiors you will never find me busting out the bright, in-your-face colours (it just isn't me) but that does not mean that I don't enjoy this blog.  

Bright Bazaar has long been directing my attention to the latest online homeware boutiques and I love it for that (my bank account - not so much).  Basically, you can count on Will to cheer you up.  

I am super excited that his first book will be published next year.  It has already made it on to my wishlist.  And just look at the front cover - love. it.  

Wow, this post was not meant to be a gush-fest.  Sorry about that.  

Check Bright Bazaar out!

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Sunday Sharing

I love all things bloggy (new word for a Sunday afternoon?), especially when it comes to interiors.  I thought I'd quickly share one of my fave interiors blogs.  Now, my taste does not always run in line with that of this lady's but her blog is just super cool and I love reading every single post.  

Elements of Style is one of the first blogs I check up on when I settle down with my feedly ap.  Erin Gates tells it how it is and is not shy about her style.  She's an interior designer based in Boston, USA and quite often I find myself wanting a piece of her life.  She doesn't just share interiors inspiration but is a dab hand at highlighting fashion trends.  Her writing style is on point and I often have a giggle along to her posts.  

This office space is everything

Basically I <3 her. Go check her out!  
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