Friday, 6 February 2015

Cotton vs Linen

I've recently ordered some new bedding and I opted for crisp white sheets. It's not the above cotton set from The White Company but how cute is the pom pom detailing on the edge? I'm hoping to shoot my new sheets in-situ this weekend so that I can share them with you soon. However, when I see pictures like the one above from Australian bedding brand Cultiver, I can't help let my mind wander to linen sheet heaven instead. Linen sheets look super soft and snug, even when they're creased and a little worn. They tend to verge more on the expensive side, but we spend so much time in our beds that we should at least be as comfortable as we possibly can! 

Where do you stand (or should that be lie?) Do you favour cotton or linen when it comes to your bed sheets? 

Claire x

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  1. I've never even thought about linen sheets to be honest. I imagine cotton is a lot softer, but maybe I'm wrong!
    I'll be keeping an eye out on my next home shopping trip :)


    1. I've heard so many great things about linen bedding that I think it's something I definitely need to try. Let me know if you spot any linen options when you're next shopping :)


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