Monday, 31 March 2014

Interior Update 4

I wanted to share a useful tool that I've recently come across thanks to Mint Design Blog.  If you're planning on a room update then The Make Room by Urban Barn is pretty helpful.  

The Room Planner allows you to input the dimensions of your room and all the furniture you want in it.

See below for my quick attempt at our master bedroom.  We don't actually know what furniture we will be buying just yet so I've gone off the size of pieces I've seen online and took a fancy to.  

My attempt at our Master Bedroom floor plan

Those lucky Canadians must all have walk-in wardrobes, as I couldn't find an icon for wardrobes on the furniture tool.  It's not really an issue because I just used a chest of drawers and made them wardrobe size.  

My husband and I are currently undecided on where to have our wardrobes and how big to have them.  I'm of the opinion that we get a tall, possibly three-door, set to go in the alcove to the right of the fireplace (pictured bottom left). Whereas he feels we need more space and so should have a larger, possibly five-door set, behind the door (pictured right). I don't think we have enough wiggle space to put the wardrobe in that position.  Our current wardrobe is there and it feels far to close to the bed.  

Decisions, decisions...

CB x

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Sunday Sharing 5

Another fabulously inspiring blog that I check out on a daily basis is Design Love Fest by the beautiful and talented Bri Emery.  She seems like a very cool person and is another blogger who is happy to get personal with her posts.  

Photo by anja verdugo
The blog's aesthetic is pleasing to the eye, as it's paired back and simple.  Plus, every photograph featured is knock-your-socks-off stunning.  

The blog is an insight into Bri's life and the DLF studio with posts on DIYs, fashion, interiors, styling shoots, travel tips and the list goes on.  

Photo by brittany wood
If you want a smile on your face when having a blog catch up then you need to add Design Love Fest to your reader.  Do it. 

CB x 


Friday, 28 March 2014

Trove Homewares Launch

I just wanted to quickly pop by to point you in the direction of a post I've written for The Social Butterfly.  

I attended a lovely homewares launch event at Trove and did a little write up which you can read here.  

Obsessed with my carafe, mini milk bottle and yummy sweet chilli dipping sauce. 
Enjoy your weekend!

CB x

Photo by me

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Take Note

I am obsessed with notebooks.  If an opportunity presents itself for me to purchase a new notebook, I will take it. 

Below, I've gathered a few that have caught my eye recently. I have a feeling I may not be alone with this particular infatuation...
The above Ladybird Jotter from Georgia Wilkinson Design is perfect to brighten up any shopping list. Do go and see her fancy new website.
The Suck Tab Notebook makes staying organised a doddle. Plus, I have a soft spot for kraft paper. I'd use it to get my home organisation into gear (or at least try to). Pick this one up at John Lewis.
The products from Rifle Paper Co are guaranteed to make you swoon. The above would make a good gardening journal (mother's day present?) I found it on the Fred Aldous website.

Kraft paper and geometric design. Yes, please! Head on over to Paperchase. I'd take this one to work with me so that I can add a bit of personality to my office desk.

Thanks for popping by.

CB x

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Do You Yoga?

I am half way through the 30 Day Yoga Challenge from and I am really enjoying it.  I've wanted to do yoga for quite some time.  And after a failed attempt at a class with a friend some time ago (think lots of elderly women and my friend and I giggling in a corner - yes, very immature) I still hadn't got into it.  I live on the outskirts of Manchester but work in the centre.  There are several classes in the centre but unfortunately none of which fit around my working hours.  

Then like a ray of light beaming from the sky (slight over exaggeration) the 30 Day Yoga Challenge shone into my life and a friend and I commenced around 2 weeks ago.
The videos are, at most, 20 minutes long and they easily fit around daily life.  I've found them to be helping my mind and my body.  Some of the videos are harder than others but all have been beneficial.  My stomach feels a little flatter and my head feels a little clearer.  

Anyway, I thought I'd give it a shout out.  Not sure what I'll do once the 30 days are up.  Maybe start again?

CB x

Monday, 3 March 2014

Want / Need 2

I have never bought a dining table or chairs.  We were very kindly gifted the set that we use by my husband's aunty.  However, it's looking a bit tired.  I saw these chairs featured on Elements of Style, when Erin did a post on Windsor Chairs.  I can definitely see these in my kitchen.  A classic style but with added cool-factor thanks to the black finish.  Unfortunately we won't be replacing anything just yet *sad face*.

My front room is lacking in spots to plonk my brew.  This Conran nest of tables on John Lewis would be a great addition.  A nest gives you versatility and I think this set in the metal finish is a welcome on-trend option.  Considering my living room is teeny tiny, the minimal lines created by this set would fit in well, as any bulky tables would take up too much space visually.  Shame about the £300 price tag.

CB x
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