Monday, 31 March 2014

Interior Update 4

I wanted to share a useful tool that I've recently come across thanks to Mint Design Blog.  If you're planning on a room update then The Make Room by Urban Barn is pretty helpful.  

The Room Planner allows you to input the dimensions of your room and all the furniture you want in it.

See below for my quick attempt at our master bedroom.  We don't actually know what furniture we will be buying just yet so I've gone off the size of pieces I've seen online and took a fancy to.  

My attempt at our Master Bedroom floor plan

Those lucky Canadians must all have walk-in wardrobes, as I couldn't find an icon for wardrobes on the furniture tool.  It's not really an issue because I just used a chest of drawers and made them wardrobe size.  

My husband and I are currently undecided on where to have our wardrobes and how big to have them.  I'm of the opinion that we get a tall, possibly three-door, set to go in the alcove to the right of the fireplace (pictured bottom left). Whereas he feels we need more space and so should have a larger, possibly five-door set, behind the door (pictured right). I don't think we have enough wiggle space to put the wardrobe in that position.  Our current wardrobe is there and it feels far to close to the bed.  

Decisions, decisions...

CB x

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