Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Interior Update

You don't need to go high end to get a piece of the trends.  See below for some quick and reasonably priced updates.  I will be adding both of these to my abode.  The bare bulbs light fitting from Next is perfect for the top of my stairs and this throw from BHS will add a touch of coziness to my front room.  Especially considering the change in the weather we've recently had here in the UK.  I am not a fan of this blustery, rainy drop in temperature.  Brr.  


Sunday, 27 October 2013

Vintage Manchester Awards 2013

I had the pleasure of attending the Vintage Manchester Awards 2013 on Wednesday evening at 235.  It was such a ball.  I got to wear a super sparkly dress midweek for starters, who can argue with that?!  The glitzy Viva Las Vegas themed event had a little bit of everything - yummy free cocktail on arrival, gorgeous ladies floating around with delectable chocolates, top vintage acts including the hostess with the mostess Kiki deVille and lots of fun networking opportunities.  

Here's a breakdown of the worthy winners:
Best Vintage Fair - Vintage Village Stockport
Best Vintage Photography - HMS Vintage
Best Vintage Entertainment - Dr Sid
Best Vintage Beauty and Grooming - Bethany Jane Davies - The Vintage Beauty Parlor
Best Vintage Venue - Sugar Junction 
Best Vintage Event Supplier - Vintage Afternoon Teas
Best Vintage Furniture/Home Shop - Rose & Lee Vintage Living
Best Vintage Attire - Miss Bamboo
Best Vintage Lifestyle Blog - nortonofmorton
Best Vintage Newcomer - HMS Vintage

The room was packed and everyone seemed to have a jolly good evening.  Well done Vintage Manchester and The Social Butterfly!  

Photos by me - please excuse the poor quality camera phone pics

Friday, 25 October 2013

Extra Curricular Activity

I'm just stopping by to let you know of some exciting happenings...

I've recently teamed up with Rachael of The Social Butterfly and I am now officially working as her assistant.  Check out the little write up here

I'm super excited for what the future may hold and hope to share snippets here, as well as over on The Social Butterfly blog.  

Keep up-to-date by following me on twitter or instagram.  

Happy Friday!  :-)


Thursday, 3 October 2013

The Independent Interiors Show - 2022NQ Manchester

I recently volunteered my services to help out with a new event being showcased in the wonderful Northern Quarter in Manchester.  The Independent Interiors Show was put together by the rather lovely Rachel and Victoria.  I initially found out about the event through the wonderful world of twitter and added it to my calendar to make sure I was free to attend.  Then I thought, why not get involved.  So I did!

The day started early at the super on trend venue 2022NQ just off Dale Street in the Northern Quarter.  It was a smooth set up which involved lots of running back and forth up the basement stairs - resulting in a few aches the next day.  This effort was all worthwhile as each stand looked unique and beautiful.  It was a top notch selection of interiors and homewares.  Heaven!
Throughout the day there was a constant stream of happy shoppers coming through the doors.  They also got the chance to observe and/or take part in several demonstrations.  Sian of http://moregeous.wordpress.com/ did some upcycling using Annie Sloane Chalk Paint.  Must give this a go!  And May Wild Ceramics did some pottery turning.  (Not sure if I'd have the steady hand for this, but they certainly made it look easy).

Annabel Perrin
Elizabeth Winstanley
Flitty Bird
Urban Colours
I got to chat with several of the vendors and I must say they were a lovely bunch.   So a big thanks to all for making helping out such a pleasure.  

Hannah Nunn
Helaina Sharpley
May Wild - the pigeons are a personal fave
Manchester Mosaics
Keep your eyes peeled as the next Independent Interiors Show is set to take place in March 2014!


All photos by me 

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

crisis averted?

Ok.  So it turns out I am terrible at keeping up with regular posts.  Oops.  

Anyway, just a quick update as I think I've found my utensils...

Nigella Lawson's Vitreous Enamel Utensils.  Queue beams of sunshine gleaming down from the heavens.  

Must. Buy. Now.  And at £27 on tesco direct, why the heck not?!  

I must say that I came across these beauties thanks to a lady I follow on instagram.  Thank you Victoria's Cottage

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