Monday, 23 February 2015

Laundry Basket, At Last!

We've been on the hunt for a new laundry bag since we decorated our bedroom. I'm not exaggerating when I say 'hunt' because that's genuinely what it ended up feeling like. Stylish laundry bags are few and far between. I've searched online and in store and struggled to find any designs that didn't involve wicker. This meant that we were still using the laundry basket I'd had whilst at University - you do the maths! The poor cream, pop-up bag desperately needed replacing.  

I'd just about given up when I stumbled across this lovely grey laundry bag in Wilkos the other day (I could only find a striped version online here.) At the incredible bargain price of £7.50 and with only one on display, I practically launched myself at it before anyone else did. I am extremely pleased with my purchase, my only criticism is that it is a little on the small side. Although, I suppose this means that I'll be more inclined to keep on top of the washing. 

Do you have a go-to shop for home basics? 

Claire x


  1. Great choice! We were in a similar boat not long ago and found a grey thick laundry bag with "wash me" embroided on it, and it hangs with thick white rope on the back of our bathroom door now. Sometimes making those boring home essentials a little more interesting can make such a huge difference can't it? We got ours from Matalan and they've got loads of basic storage items which look far more expensive than they are :)

    1. Thanks, Karen. I was so pleased with myself for stumbling across this little treasure. Yes, Matalan is another good option for cheaper basic items - thanks for stopping by :) x

  2. Wow what a bargain. Gotta love a bit of Wilkos! Ours is a white wicker one from there, we've also got so many other bits and pieces round the house and people never guess where they're from. Great find :)

    1. Wilkos for the win ;) I think the majority of people use a mix of high-end and cheaper items to get the perfect balance in their home. Thanks for the comment, Lucy :) x


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