Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Small Suburban Garden Inspiration

As thoughts of Spring creep into my head I cannot help but ponder how I want to update our garden. We live in a Victorian terrace and we have a small front yard, a back yard and a small garden. It's quite a lot of garden considering the bijou size of our house. A couple of years ago we added a decked area to the back garden which you can see here but our old wooden planters are now looking very sorry for themselves. The non-decked area desperately needs attention. It's a task that needs doing but we don't have much budget for it, so we really need to think about what changes we want to make and how we can do them rather cheaply. 

I want some sturdier planters and am considering faux grass (living grass would not survive for very long as the area we're updating does not get enough sun and we have a puppy who loves digging up grass - not a good combo.)

I've collected a selection of inspiration shots, all of which include flower beds made from a variety of materials. Let's take a look...

As much as I love the look of railway sleepers, I'm not sure our budget will stretch to them
Rendered walls look good, but I think white would be a bad idea, on account of the amount of rain Manchester sees on an annual basis
Brick walls would look classic and in keeping with our house but we would probably need to hire someone to make them

I'd like to create a bench area around some of the planters to create extra seating space
Which is your favourite look? Have you designed your own garden, or have you hired help?

Claire x

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  1. The railway sleepers are my favourite but the second picture with the rendered walls is so stylish! I have no idea if this is possible/stupid but could you use reclaimed scaffolding boards instead of sleepers? Just because of the price difference :)

    1. The railway sleepers are so blummin lovely. Thanks for the tip about scaffolding boards, I may just have to look into that :) x


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