Monday, 26 January 2015

Top Six Artificial Plants

I love, love, LOVE the indoor plant trend that's been dominating the home accessories scene for the past couple of years. Our green leafy friends can instantly change the feel of a room. The plants themselves can be works of art and even more interest can be added with a beautiful pot or stand. What's not to like? 

My front room is fairly dark and this has lead to several unfortunate short-lived plant appearances. I can't bring myself to buy another living plant for this room, when I know it's most likely going to end up in my compost bin. There is an alternative and that's the growing market of artificial plants and flowers. I've pulled together six of my current favourites and they look pretty good to me:
Eucalyptus Bush - Abigail Ahern 

Lit Banyan Tree - Next

Faux Aubergine Succulents - Nordic House

Green Succulents - Dunelm Mill
Fig - Ikea
Mini Echeveria - John Lewis
Would you fake it with an artificial plant? Or do you find it easy to look after the real-deal?

Claire x

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