Monday, 19 January 2015

The Body Shop Beauty Buys

There are three faithful products that I buy from The Body Shop. No more, no less. They're products that have made it through any 'beauty overhauls' that I've carried out over the many years. (I've been using Body Shop since college, when a friend of mine signed up to be a party consultant and thus threw me the odd freebie here and there.) Sticking with particular products is pretty unusual nowadays, there's just so much choice - too much really! It got me thinking that these three products must be worth telling you about, so here we are.
Trusted trio
Lightening Touch 03 £14: 
I use this light defusing concealer under my eyes. It's the perfect low-priced version to rival YSL's Touche Eclat. It blends well and the tube lasts for a reasonable amount of time. What more could you ask for?

Loose Face Powder 02 £12.50:
Super soft and sheer, this powder is my go-to for setting my make up and ensuring a shine-free face. It doesn't last me all day but I do have a fairly oily t-zone and so it's something I have to top up if I want to look my best. The only problem with loose powder is that it's not really travel friendly, unless you want to risk a make-up bag which could end up looking more like a flour factory. If you know of a worthy compact powder then let me know, as it's something I've always struggled with finding. 

This toner is fresh feeling and doesn't leave my skin dry. I use this following a double cleanse and it helps pick up any remnants of make up left on my face. It's aimed at people facing the first signs of aging and I feel it fits with my current skin climate well. 

Do you have any products which you've remained faithful to over time? Does your make-up bag or bathroom cabinet boast any Body Shop items?

Claire x

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