Thursday, 25 December 2014

Merry Christmas!


Eat, drink and be merry :)

Claire x

Monday, 22 December 2014

Boho for Sueno

You may have recently caught sight of my finished almost-there master bedroom which I posted about a few weeks ago here. One of the pieces of furniture I really want to switch up in 2015 is the bed. We currently have a double, wooden bed frame (which may or may not creak slightly depending where you lay on it) and a pocket sprung mattress with a built-in memory foam topper. The bed frame we got for a steal, way back when we bought our house but we've outgrown it's size and style and so I'm looking for something a little more stylish and sophisticated. A week or two after my bedroom reveal and the new Boho collection of beds launched by Sueno was brought to my attention and I just had to share it. 

The well-established family run brand has teamed up with Royal Bohemia to create a capsule collection of six unique and beautifully made beds. The beds are striking and not for the faint of heart but as a centrepiece for a master bedroom, they will effortlessly steal the limelight. Each handmade bed is available upholstered in a range of 28 fabrics: Mink Linen, Rose Herringbone and Aubergine Egg British Velvet grabbed my attention.

The quality of the finish is reflected in the price as they start around £500 for a single and increase to £2000 for a kingsize depending on the style selected. In my dream world, (where I quite often like to retreat to) I'd wake up on Christmas day snuggled in a Kingsize Duke, ah bliss.

Aubergine Egg British Velvet
Head over to their website and take a look around. Let me know if a particular style tempts you.

Claire x

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Perfume Picks

How are you getting on with your Christmas shopping? i can't quite believe that there's only one week left before the big day. I think I'm almost there. I love buying presents but I'm not such a fan of the huge crowds of people. I'm definitely more of an online shopper where possible.

One popular Christmas gift which might prove difficult to buy online is perfume. How on earth do you know whether or not it's going to smell good?! It could be very awkward to pick your cool little sister a perfume that turns out to be eau-de-grandmother. For this very reason I thought I'd share my current favourites with you.  

My dream team

Left - Acqua di Gioia, Centre back - Versace, Centre front - Bottega Veneta,
Right back - Dior Addict, Right front - Miss Dior

Bottega Veneta Eau de Parfum:
I wore this perfume on my wedding day and practically everyday of my honeymoon, so as soon as I smell it's captivating aroma I'm whisked back to very fond memories. It's a gloriously feminine scent thanks to it's floral hints but it has a deeper layer that comes from it's woody notes. I love it.

Acqua di Gioia Eau de Toilette:
This is my most recent perfume purchase. I think that it's probably more suited to the summer months as it's subtle and fresh thanks to lemon, peony and cashmere accents.   

Miss Dior Eau de Parfum:
It's impossible to go wrong with a Miss Dior perfume as I've not met one person who isn't a fan. It's young and lively bouquet makes it the perfect gift for your best friend or little sister. Plus, it's bottle is super cute!

Dior Addict Eau Fraiche:
This perfume's grapefruit base is what caught my attention. It's sweet but not sickly so. It's my go-to every day scent, especially in summer. 

Versace Woman:
An evening-wear favourite for me. The scent is rich and heavy so probably not to everyone's taste. I find it to be the perfect accompaniment to a night out, whether that be dancing with my girl friends or trying a new restaurant with the husband. 

I hope you find your perfect scent! Send any perfume recommendations my way, I'm always looking to find a new favourite.

Claire x


Friday, 5 December 2014

Christmas Markets and More

I'm lucky to live a 20 minute train ride from the centre of Manchester and so I can easily enjoy the best of both city and suburban living. One reason I love Manchester at Christmas time is the annual Christmas markets which completely take over the city's streets and squares. (Though I'm not sure whether I'm a fan of the markets dominating the main shopping thoroughfare  - bah humbug ;-)  The markets are in full swing at the moment and I've already made them a post-work destination twice. They're a quick fix to get you in the festive mood but can get extremely busy. If you go with the understanding that you might have to queue for your mulled wine, then you'll be fine. Also, if you don't fancy a Bratwurst then I recommend the chorizo sausage or the Lancashire hot pot, both located in Albert Square. 

Albert Square, Manchester
I've handpicked several blog posts from across the web that you might like to read:

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Don't forget to send me your blog links. I love reading new content. 

Claire x

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

My Perfect Christmas Table

We all want our Christmas dinner to be perfect. I'm talking a deliciously succulent turkey, crisp and fluffy roast potatoes, sublimely seasoned vegetables; the list seems endless. I've never cooked a Christmas dinner myself, so hats off to all those that have. I personally struggle with a regular roast dinner, so I'm not sure how I would cope with cooking the most important meal of the year. There's just so much to think about. One aspect of Christmas day that you can usually plan in advance, is the look of your Christmas table. 

Below I've pulled together my wishlist for my perfect Christmas table. Let's hope old Saint Nick has made note of how good I've been this year!

The table:
The foundation for any festive family meal is, of course, the table.
This pale solid oak beauty is the perfect base for my elegant and simple scheme.
I've long been a fan of mismatched dining chairs.
These three work well together thanks to their distinct yet vintage vibes.
1 / 2 / 3

My Christmas crockery upgrade would have to be to these perfectly imperfect white 'Wobbler' plates and bowls from Loaf. I don't want any distractions when it comes to surveying my piled-high plate of Christmas goodies.
The gold cutlery trend is a little too brash for my earthy and paired-back theme.
That's why these simply chic knives and forks from Zara Home hit the spot for me.
Elegant linen napkins can soften or smarten up any scheme.
These ones fit perfectly with my refined and rustic vision.
Place names:
I think I have enough creativity in me to replicate these name cards and they ooze with Scandinavian style. Follow the full DIY here.
I think I may have an unhealthy obsession with Craft paper. If an item is made out of, or wrapped up in, this lovable brown paper, I will most probably buy it.
Case and point are these delightful and eco-friendly crackers from Not On The High Street.

I have a thing for foliage filled tablescapes. The inviting and warm look that they effortlessly create is exactly what I want on Christmas day.
Just be extra careful where you place those candles!
1 / 2 / 3
What does your perfect Christmas table feature? Have you already thought about what it will look like? 

Claire x

This post was written in collaboration with Loaf.
Loaf stockist details: LOAF.COM / 0845 459 9937

Monday, 1 December 2014

Happy December

Hold on just a minute whilst I compose myself now that we're in the LAST month of 2014...

*breathes into a paper bag*

Thanks, I think I'll be ok now. 

December is here and that means full on Christmas preparation. I'm talking Christmas songs on repeat, at least one mince pie per day and mad dashes to the shops to pick up far too many presents. How do you plan on spending the festive season?  

Festive Greetings :)

Claire x
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