Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Inner Child

Today I'd like to give a little shout out to some of my top presents from Christmas 2013.  I have been a full blown adult for quite some time, but the presents thing does not wane.  I wake up on Christmas morning and yes, I cannot wait to get some present action.  This may sound pretty shallow but I do also know the true meaning of Christmas - please trust me on that one.

My husband made the big mistake* of proposing on Christmas day several years ago, so he basically scuppered any chances of ever trumping the engagement ring that he presented to me on that fine day.  However, 2013 saw me get a great haul.  

First present...a kindle!  Finally, I am the proud owner of an e-reader.  I didn't want one of the fancy ones that can do just about everything except the washing up.  (Read: being able to use it as a tablet would mean I'd sit and read blogs all day instead of actual books)  Looking forward to not having to lug around heavy books in my dainty handbag.  

Next pressie...artwork!  I love my little house, I truly do.  However, it is crying out for more artwork.  I am always on the lookout for reasonably priced pieces but have been failing in my attempts - suggestions would be gratefully received.  But wait, what's that over the horizon??  Why, it's my brothers coming to save the day.  Younger sibling buys me these gorgeous butterfly prints from Rockett St George.  Older sibling creates his own prints and frames them for me.  LOVE them.  Thank you very much.  And, instead of leaving them unhung (new word?) my husband and I have already got them up in our hallway.  Take a look...

Last up that I wanted to share is a CD that I got. Chvrches.  A cool synth-pop band from Scotland.  Have a listen and see if they're your thing.

Hope you were pleased with your gifts!


*note - he did not make a mistake in marrying me ;-)
Photos - shots of prints in situ by me

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