Thursday, 9 January 2014



I just wanted to point you in the direction of a blog's feature that I am currently enjoying and trying to participate in.  Florence Finds has embarked on spreading some 'January Joy'.  Basically, a selection of hints and suggestions to make January less, well, blah.  

Take a look and perhaps give some of them a go...

Here's what I've been up to...
  • I have already made one pretty specific resolution which isn't something I fancy sharing as yet but I hope to as the year goes on.  
  • I'm already pretty serious about my skin but I guess I could do the usual of drinking more water etc and I hope to do a post about products that I like.  If there's one thing you do this year, I suggest you throw out ANY facial wipes.  They are bad news, trust me.  
  • I've emailed some of my uni girl friends who I've not seen in a while and we're hoping to meet up soon for a much needed catch up.  
  • I have already made a calendar using Snapfish and it hangs proudly in my kitchen :-).
  • I LOVE the feature about clean eats on Florence Finds by Michelle from Pocketful of Dreams and I will be putting some of her recipes into practice.  

Now, the post that I have felt inspired by the most was 'Manage your time'.  I think most of us would agree that things can get a little hectic when we're trying to do what seems to be a thousand things, all at once.  I need to take heed of some of Rebecca's advice PLUS I've been trying to get my husband to agree to a cleaner for some time.  I think I'm just going to book one.  Eek!  

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the rest of the month and generally sorting myself out.  

Good luck!



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