Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Beauty Boost

Just over three years ago I was introduced to, what I feel, is a great skincare brand and now I want to share this with you.  

I was super lucky to go on several mini spa evenings at the Malmaison Hotel in Manchester and, like a gift from above, ESPA came into my life.  I've always had problem skin, suffering with acne whilst going through my teenage years (thanks hormones!) and still do every now and then (again, thanks hormones!) so I am not saying that ESPA is a miracle product.  I just think it's a damn good one.  

I used to use cheap products, usually selected by what was on offer or had a shiny-new advertising campaign.  Plus, make up wipes were my cleansing routine.  Thanks to several informative chats with the spa staff I saw the error of my ways and decided to do something about it.  First course of action, out with the facewipes.  FOREVER.  (Ok, I keep some hidden in the depths of my bathroom cupboard but they're only for, let's say, intoxicated emergencies).  Next course of action, fill up said bathroom cupboard with ESPA goodness.  

I use a fair few ESPA products so I'll introduce my 'team' in several posts, so not to waffle on too much.  
Photo by me
My now trusted cleanser is ESPA's Hydrating Cleansing Milk.  This beautifully gentle cleanser clears all make up away and leaves your skin feeling soft and not starved.  It comes highly recommended and at £13.50 it won't break the bank!  
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I tend to buy ESPA from Harvey Nicholls, Manchester.  They do facials (30 mins £25 and 1 hour £50) and what you pay is completely redeemable against products.  Bonus!  And, I must say that every time I pop in to stock up each staff member is amazingly friendly, helpful and generous.  I constantly get to try out new products as the ESPA staff gift you free samples.  This is also true if you buy products online as you receive two complimentary trial-size samples with every order.  This company is just lovely!  And it's British and close to 100% natural.  

It really does sound like I'm on some sort of commission.  I wish I was!  I've already converted several family members, which means birthdays and Christmas gifts are always taken care of.  

I hope I've not bored you too much!  


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