Thursday, 6 February 2014

Interior Update 2

We recently had a windfall.  (When I say windfall I mean someone donated some nearly-new carpet to our teeny tiny spare bedroom. Does that count?)  Obviously we couldn't receive new carpet and not decorate.  That would be silly.  A quick trip to Homebase for paint and we came home with Dulux Mellow Mocha Matt Emulsion (say that 5 times quickly!) We picked this without doing any testers mainly because when I get into tester land I go a little bit crazy and basically feel like I need to try every colour available, you know, just in case.  

First coat, and I was worried, the colour was veering to the side of baby pink - this could not happen - it was our spare room and people would start thinking we're turning into a nursery for an actual baby.  Thankfully, as it began to dry, it decided that it wasn't going to be pink anymore.  Phew! I'd say that the colour is a very light grey with pinkish undertones.  

This is what we've put together so far on a super strict budget: 
Ikea - Majviv duvet cover

Terry's Fabrics - Marlborough Ready Made Lined Curtains in Heather

Homebase - Zigagarella Lampshade
There's still plenty more to do.  I want to make a little area to act as a home office.  So I'm on the hunt for a budget-friendly desk, chair and storage.  And I'd like some cushions and a dark grey throw for the bed to make it extra cosy for guests. Plus I want to do a mini gallery wall with some cute prints I've had my eye on.   

I'll be sharing the progress I make, so watch out for an update post.   

CB x

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