Thursday, 20 February 2014

Interiors Update 3

This year is the year of the Master Bedroom.  (Ok, so it's actually the year of the Horse but I'm talking personal interiors here.)

My husband and I have lived for almost 4 years in our lovely Victorian terrace.  In all that time we have not touched our master bedroom.  This particular sticking point has nearly driven me to insanity.  Thus, we have vowed to sort this out once and for all!

The main problem preventing us from attempting to decorate our bedroom has been a leaky roof, leading to a damp corner to the left of the window.  We've had several 'roofers' look at it and we think this last one has finally hopefully solved our issue.  A couple of days of torrential rain will soon let us know the truth.  (Thanks, great British weather!)

Of course this means I've had far too much time to be thinking about the decor.  It has literally prevented me from sleeping.  Not helping when I'm already quite a poor sleeper.  (I've had some friends tell me to buy lavender oil.  Anyone know if this is any good? Personally, I think I need a remote control for my brain.)  

I shall be sharing ideas / inspiration and hopefully the final product.  This may be quite some time down the line as we're having to take the plaster back to the brick to make sure the damp has definitely disappeared.  I just wanted to set the ball rolling so that we can't back out!

My future bed from
I spotted the above bed on and I really want it.  Bad.  We currently have a wooden double bed frame but I have since decided I want a cushioned bed head with plenty of storage, trying to keep away from a divan.  The perfect answer...a kingsize ottoman storage bed!  We may have to save a few pennies to get this piece but I think it will be worth it.  

Some other slightly cheaper options I've come across: 1 / 2 / 3

I cannot wait to get cracking with this project!

CB x

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