Sunday, 23 February 2014

Sunday Sharing 4

One blog that guarantees to make me smile is Decor8 by Holly Becker.  Especially at the minute as she has just had a little baby boy.  Too cute!!  

If my memory serves me correctly, this was one of the first blogs I started to follow.  I remember thinking 'WOW. Me and this blog are going to get along just fine' when I clicked onto it's page.  It is a blog that I have stuck with for several years and I still tend to jump to it more frequently for a catch up than some other blogs I follow.  

Holly has impeccable taste and yet the blog is not just about interiors.  She branches out into food, fashion and personal posts.  Plus, you can tell that she writes from the heart and is being truly honest.  It's a bit like having a chat with a good friend over a brew.  

I own her first book Decorate and love browsing it for inspiration.  She's even had a second and now a third on the way.  (Already added to my wish list) 

One of her more recent posts that actually made my interiors-loving heart melt was that about her baby boy's nursery.  LOOK at that room!  B.e.a.utiful. 

I think the wooden boxes with faces are my favourite - adorable

Happy Sunday!

CB x

Photo - Thorsten Becker

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Interiors Update 3

This year is the year of the Master Bedroom.  (Ok, so it's actually the year of the Horse but I'm talking personal interiors here.)

My husband and I have lived for almost 4 years in our lovely Victorian terrace.  In all that time we have not touched our master bedroom.  This particular sticking point has nearly driven me to insanity.  Thus, we have vowed to sort this out once and for all!

The main problem preventing us from attempting to decorate our bedroom has been a leaky roof, leading to a damp corner to the left of the window.  We've had several 'roofers' look at it and we think this last one has finally hopefully solved our issue.  A couple of days of torrential rain will soon let us know the truth.  (Thanks, great British weather!)

Of course this means I've had far too much time to be thinking about the decor.  It has literally prevented me from sleeping.  Not helping when I'm already quite a poor sleeper.  (I've had some friends tell me to buy lavender oil.  Anyone know if this is any good? Personally, I think I need a remote control for my brain.)  

I shall be sharing ideas / inspiration and hopefully the final product.  This may be quite some time down the line as we're having to take the plaster back to the brick to make sure the damp has definitely disappeared.  I just wanted to set the ball rolling so that we can't back out!

My future bed from
I spotted the above bed on and I really want it.  Bad.  We currently have a wooden double bed frame but I have since decided I want a cushioned bed head with plenty of storage, trying to keep away from a divan.  The perfect answer...a kingsize ottoman storage bed!  We may have to save a few pennies to get this piece but I think it will be worth it.  

Some other slightly cheaper options I've come across: 1 / 2 / 3

I cannot wait to get cracking with this project!

CB x

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

White Memoirs

Gosh, it's got a little busy around here.  This has a lot to do with the work I've been doing with Rachael at The Social Butterfly.  It's all hands on deck as we get ready for the two White Memoirs Vintage Wedding Fayres.  

The first is at Rosylee Tearooms in the Northern Quarter of Manchester on Sunday 16th February 11am - 4pm.  

We have on offer the most perfect selection of bespoke exhibitors - get a taste for what's in store with the wedding campaign photoshoot  'Memoirs of a Ballerina' over on Brides Up North.  

Cheshire brides need not worry either because White Memoirs is coming to Festival Hall in Alderley Edge on Sunday 23rd February 11am - 4pm. 

If you're looking for more information then do take the time to look at the Facebook and event pages.  Twitter fans should follow the very lovely @Rachael_AdamsUK to keep up to date with the very latest.  Plus, keep your eyes peeled for more fantastic White Memoirs features on Brides Up North.

See you there!

CB x

Monday, 10 February 2014

Want / Need

This amazingly well-priced (£60!!) floor lamp from John Lewis is something that I want for my front room.  Ticks the industrial-chic box.  However, we are not decorating or updating our front room.

As previously mentioned I need to cosy-up our spare room and found H&M home is pulling out all the stops at the moment.  Love there affordable cushions.  Especially this cute feather one.
CB x

Photos as listed on websites

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Interior Update 2

We recently had a windfall.  (When I say windfall I mean someone donated some nearly-new carpet to our teeny tiny spare bedroom. Does that count?)  Obviously we couldn't receive new carpet and not decorate.  That would be silly.  A quick trip to Homebase for paint and we came home with Dulux Mellow Mocha Matt Emulsion (say that 5 times quickly!) We picked this without doing any testers mainly because when I get into tester land I go a little bit crazy and basically feel like I need to try every colour available, you know, just in case.  

First coat, and I was worried, the colour was veering to the side of baby pink - this could not happen - it was our spare room and people would start thinking we're turning into a nursery for an actual baby.  Thankfully, as it began to dry, it decided that it wasn't going to be pink anymore.  Phew! I'd say that the colour is a very light grey with pinkish undertones.  

This is what we've put together so far on a super strict budget: 
Ikea - Majviv duvet cover

Terry's Fabrics - Marlborough Ready Made Lined Curtains in Heather

Homebase - Zigagarella Lampshade
There's still plenty more to do.  I want to make a little area to act as a home office.  So I'm on the hunt for a budget-friendly desk, chair and storage.  And I'd like some cushions and a dark grey throw for the bed to make it extra cosy for guests. Plus I want to do a mini gallery wall with some cute prints I've had my eye on.   

I'll be sharing the progress I make, so watch out for an update post.   

CB x
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