Sunday, 30 March 2014

Sunday Sharing 5

Another fabulously inspiring blog that I check out on a daily basis is Design Love Fest by the beautiful and talented Bri Emery.  She seems like a very cool person and is another blogger who is happy to get personal with her posts.  

Photo by anja verdugo
The blog's aesthetic is pleasing to the eye, as it's paired back and simple.  Plus, every photograph featured is knock-your-socks-off stunning.  

The blog is an insight into Bri's life and the DLF studio with posts on DIYs, fashion, interiors, styling shoots, travel tips and the list goes on.  

Photo by brittany wood
If you want a smile on your face when having a blog catch up then you need to add Design Love Fest to your reader.  Do it. 

CB x 



  1. Love DLF! Just a stunning blog!

  2. Hi June, it really is the most beautiful and inspiring blog. Also, thank you for commenting. You're my first one :-)


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