Sunday, 17 November 2013

Sunday Sharing 2

Sunday is a day for families, for laziness, good food and blog reading.  (Ok, the last one may be something I just do).  

Today I am sharing a blog that I really admire.  Bright Bazaar is a wonderfully colourful blog which shows that going for it with colour really can pay off.  Will Taylor writes in a witty and approachable way about all things Interiors, to the point where I actually wish he was my real life friend (cringe?!)  When it comes to my own interiors you will never find me busting out the bright, in-your-face colours (it just isn't me) but that does not mean that I don't enjoy this blog.  

Bright Bazaar has long been directing my attention to the latest online homeware boutiques and I love it for that (my bank account - not so much).  Basically, you can count on Will to cheer you up.  

I am super excited that his first book will be published next year.  It has already made it on to my wishlist.  And just look at the front cover - love. it.  

Wow, this post was not meant to be a gush-fest.  Sorry about that.  

Check Bright Bazaar out!

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