Monday, 12 August 2013

British Summertime

I am a little late publishing this post.  Anyway...

The British Isles had recently been blessed with a wonderful few weeks of sunshine.  (Yes, it is summer and this is what we should expect but the UK weather god tends to forget that part.)  Cue my husband and I deciding we would sort out our rectangle of mud  garden.  Pre-makeover, I was ashamed of it and banned family and friends from even looking at it, never mind actually going in it! 

(Ok, so the above is not my garden - but you get the picture)
The main reason for my embarrassment was that I had been trying to avoid investing any money in the garden because, in reality, we hardly ever got to use it.  However, a few days of sunshine soon got me thinking differently!  

Before - nasty broken paving slabs (and Bella saying 'hi')
First port of call was pinterest to get some ideas.  You can see my garden inspiration board on my account here.  Feel free to follow and I will happily follow back :-)

Luckily the OH has a work colleague who knows his stuff about decking and so the new patio area was soon built and looking lovely.  We also replaced the broken and battered fence panels with new.  

Decking in progress
Now, I am sure there are some women out there who can relate to this next husband wanted a 'man shed'.  This was none-negotiable and so like a spaceship landing from another planet the new shed was erected in next to no time.  I wasn't quite expecting it to glow the orange hue that it currently does but apparently this will calm down over time (here's hoping!).  

Finished product - shed and all
Lovely lavender
Finally got to hang our honeymoon fish!

Our thriving bedding plants 
Rose plant - sorry I don't know it's name

So a few bedding plants later and there you have it. Our finished garden!  (for now)


All photos are by me 

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