Thursday, 25 September 2014

Put a Shelf on It

There's a longstanding joke between my husband and our best friends about my husband's obsession with putting up shelves. When we first moved into our house we needed to create quick and cheap storage solutions and this included several shelf installations. It seemed that every other week we'd put a new shelf up somewhere and our friends now like to imply that it's the only DIY that my husband is capable of. (Completely untrue, obviously, as the hubs is always giving DIY a go - see here).  

However, I may be adding to the 'shelf-myth' as I want some new shelves in our spare bedroom-come-office. Here's the inspiration I've been gleaning from Pinterest:


I am quite taken with the clean lines of the wire shelving units. The wire system adds a bit more interest than floating shelves and also doubles up as book ends. Ikea has a good, budget-friendly set which I've got my eyes on. Just think of all the #shelfie pics I could take if I get these installed ;-)

What do you think of the current trend for wire shelving? 

Claire x


  1. Awh I wish my other half had an obsession with putting shelves up.. or! :) We have some shelves up already but they look so dated, so can't wait for some new edgier ones! These Ikea ones look great with the wire triangular style edge. Would definitely look the part in an office space! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

    1. I am lucky to have a husband that loves to give DIY a go. But then sometimes I would just like to hire someone to get the job done faster ;) Glad you like the look of the wire shelves and thanks for popping by :)


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