Saturday, 20 September 2014


I had a few spare annual leave days to take off from work and so I've been enjoying my extended five day weekend. Quality downtime was certainly required and it's happily coincided with my husband's days off. Bonus!
Manchester Town Hall

Cute design for MFDF14's event guide
We took Thursday afternoon to head to Manchester's Food and Drink Festival. The sun was shining (albeit through some smoggy clouds) and Albert Square was looking particularly glorious and smelling unusually scrumptious, thanks to all the fabulous street food vendors that had gathered there. 

Mmm pizza, cider tent, Albert Square and Fundi Pizza's self-built wood-fired pizza oven
After a quick recce of the area we decided on a pepperoni wood-fired pizza from Fundi Pizza, washed down with a cider for me and a beer for the hubs. The pizza was delicious with the pepperoni offering a nice hint of spice combined with a crisp pizza base and smooth cheese all making for a rather happy snack. Our only observation was that the chilli oil was not as spicy as it could have been, but then again we are lovers of spice. 
The super friendly Hip Hop Chip Shop and their delicious wares
We soaked up some more sun and enjoyed the building atmosphere enhanced by the beautiful music of Fabian Emmanuel and Farah Elle pouring out from the beer tent. I then opted for a yummy glass of prosecco from Vin Van Vroom (hello, prosecco on tap - must get one of those installed at my house ;-) paired with untraditional fish and chips from The Hip Hop Chip Shop. This included bite size pieces of battered coley, triple fried chips, perfectly seasoned mushy peas and THE best spicy onion rings I have EVER tasted.  I am not exaggerating. The onions were soft and tender on the inside and all wrapped up in a spicy, crispy, scrumptious batter. If you go to MFDF this year then you must give them a try. 
'Cheers!' Vin Van Vroom, Albert Square, Fair Game with Crepe Lucette and Reds True BBQ telling it like it is
MFDF14 has got it so right and it is definitely worth your while popping by if you get a chance. Great buzz, great food and drink in a great city. We will no doubt be back next year as it is fast becoming an annual treat for my husband and I. 

Claire x

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