Monday, 21 July 2014

Scratch That Etch

We upgraded our front and back doors a couple of years ago.  This was following a burglary at our neighbour's address where their wooden door had taken a thorough bashing.  Cue us bolting it to our local composite door retailer.  

I'm pleased with our new doors. Especially our classic black front door and even though we switched from wood to plastic, I think that they're not too bad on the old eye.   

Similar style to our black composite door
However, I'd really like to do something with the clear glass panel above the door.  I've been losing fairly significant amounts of time on Pinterest (see my dedicated board here) whilst on the hunt for some inspiration.  In an ideal world we'd have the glass panel etched with our house number but having the glass replaced could be pretty expensive. My research has highlighted websites where you can design a sticker to specifically fit your window. I've been having a play here.  It looks as though it would cost around £20 which seems reasonable but I'd love to see a design first hand before making a decision.  
The etched glass look I'd like to achieve
What do you think?  Would a sticker look just as good?  Or should I wait and save to have the glass etched?  

Claire x

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  1. I LOVE black composite doors. Really hope I can get one myself sometime this year! I think the new glass looks really classic too. Good choice :) x

    1. Thank you! I'm so pleased with ours and we feel much more secure now. Arriving home to see our super smart black door always puts a smile on my face :-) x


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