Sunday, 11 May 2014

Sunday Sharing 7

Not every blog I read makes me laugh out loud.  This is probably because I don't choose to follow blogs for their ability to make me laugh but for the content that they share.  Anyway, A Cup Of Jo by Joanna Goddard manages to tickle me nearly every time I pop by.  Case and point --> this disturbing yet hilarious post.  

Joanna with her adorable family - photo by Julia Robbs

A Cup Of Jo is a hugely popular blog which has a ginormous worldwide readership.  Just look how many comments each post gets.  (I am not at all jealous - hello, anyone out there? ;-)  

Joanna and her husband, Alex - photo by Julia Robbs

The blog shares a wide variety of posts from fashion and beauty, to food and drink, to motherhood.  As 'motherhood' is not really something that interests me just yet, I tend to skip those posts.  But there's still plenty of content to keep me intrigued and entertained. I particularly love the 'Have a lovely weekend' posts which occur every Friday afternoon. Where Joanna shares some of the most interesting links into the world wide web.  

The reoccurring theme with the blogs I love is that their authors are all honest and open in their writing.  I hope that I'm achieving a similar feeling here at Happy Little Places.

Love CB x

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