Sunday, 13 April 2014

Sunday Sharing 6

The blog that I'm sharing today regularly melts my heart when it pops up on my reader. Junkaholique is the blog written by Artemis Russell a jewellery designer and maker who has recently moved to live on the Isle of Wight.  

The beach near their house on the Isle Of Wight - photo by Artemis Russell

She runs their jewellery shop RUST along with her husband Nao.  Their pieces are perfect so do go and take a look.  The blog documents their life and work through beautiful photography coupled with lovely, honest anecdotes.  The FAQ page is a pleasant introduction if you want to become acquainted.  

I've really enjoyed following their recent transition into parenthood.  It certainly helps that the photos they publish of their little cherub, Pehr, are simply stunning.  

Cutie - photo by Artemis Russell

Reading Junkaholique is inspiring and calming.  The blog inspires me to become a little more creative and to also appreciate the small things in life by slowing down to a less hectic pace.  

I highly recommend that you pop over for a snoop around.  It's just lovely!

CB x

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