Monday, 20 April 2015

Utility Room Inspiration

Our small Victorian terrace has a utility room surprisingly tucked into a narrow extension attached to the rear of the house. The name utility room is definitely apt for this particular room because we utilise it to the max! It houses our washing machine, chest freezer, bike gear, walking attire, coats, boots, dog leads, an extra sink and a whole lot more. When we arrive back from a dog walk and Luna is covered head to toe in mud (a frequent occurrence, thanks to living in Manchester) this is the entrance we use. Unfortunately this means that the room takes a good old bashing and is often a little disheveled to say the very least. I really want to give it a refresh but I know that it isn't quite so high on our list of priorities at the moment. Oh well, a girl can dream. And that's exactly what I do via the world of Pinterest. Below are some current inspiration ideas for our utility room. At the moment I seem to be favouring an all white scheme but I'm not sure how well that idea fits in considering the amount of mud and dirt this rooms sees.  My ideas may have to be adapted. 
This small laundry room uses simple touches, like the basket and artwork, 
to make it feel homely
Source unknown
Great use of plants and greenery in this particular utility room
Subway tiles - of course
Great storage ideas, more subway tiles and, of course grey 
will always be a firm favourite of mine
A utility room that doesn't look quite so utility-like, 
hidden white goods are another potential option
Do you have a utility/laundry/mud room? How do you combat the mess, especially if you have a mucky pup?

Claire x


  1. there is nothing I love more than interior inspiration - I get so excited about owning my own home its quite sad! I especially love the first one!

    Laura (Smile At Style)

    1. It's not sad at all! I love interiors and playing with ideas. There'll be no stopping you once you have your own place. The first pic is super cute, I love the light airy feel and the artwork. Thanks for stopping by :) x


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