Monday, 16 June 2014

Want / Need 4

One particular bedroom trend that I would like to follow is that of the Moroccan Wedding blanket. I think one of these beauties would look rather swish adorning our new bed (when we actually get to the stage of buying a new bed).  However, they verge on the side of expensive and so it may be something that I have to save up for.  I would love to have the opportunity to actually go and source one in Marrakech.  Maybe one day!

A bedroom item that we most certainly do need is new bedding.  I've noticed that the blogging world is full of crisp white bed sheets, and they do look rather wonderful, but I know that this is not an option for us. This is thanks to our lovely little fur ball, Bella.  She always sleeps on our bed and so I want something that wont show up her fur quite as much as pure white bed sheets would.  I found this light brown and beige striped option over at Urbanara.  They're really reasonably priced too!  

Claire x

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  1. I always have problem with good pillows, the hq one is def worth to have in bedroom!


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